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some quick full-body refs for the Pirate!Free! postcards I did Q uQ;; I hope this helps the cosplayers who wanted to give it a go, ty for all the notes on my postcards, you guys are awesome! :โ€D <3ย Iโ€™msobadatfullbodyrefsย  Free boys will be the death of me QxQ;;


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wooooaahhhh ok I havenโ€™t gotten one of these in a while, haha! but okay:ย 

8 โ€” where are you fromย 
Canada the land of maple syrup and Rob Ford LOLย 

80 โ€” how many piercings do you haveย 
sadly iโ€™m not very interesting and i only have one on each ear, like an olโ€™ average person :-(ย 

84 โ€” what colour is your hair?ย 
okay, funny storyโ€ฆโ€ฆ so I used to have highlights so it was a light brown & blonde, and then I had a stupid impulsive moment and last night dyed it back to what was supposed to be a dark brown, and then it ended up being JET BLACK so I am quite upset over it because I look awful and am going for a hair consultation tomorrow at a salonโ€ฆ haha :-(ย 

"the land of maple syrup and Rob Ford" kill me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Thanks jennamarbles for making me feel that it’s going to be okay.
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Thanks jennamarbles for making me feel that itโ€™s going to be okay.


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[MAGAZINE] Park Shin Hye – Marie Claire Korea March Issue ‘14 1238x1800
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[MAGAZINE] Park Shin Hye โ€“ Marie Claire Korea March Issue โ€˜14ย 1238x1800

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Unfortunately Iโ€™m terrible with remembering blog names, but of you see yourself, let me know! Iโ€™m Dana the intern, Kevin is therealdoppleganger and Cecil is prince-of-garbage. Canโ€™t wait for next year!

I am totally the maleficent !!

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Animethon 2014 Photos 6/?ย (Day 2)

Anna and Hans, Belle and Snow White, Maleficent, Gamora, Cyclops vs Ryu, Ruby Rose and Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee and Ruby Rose, Cinder Fall, Jaun Arc and Lie Ren, Yang Xiao Long.

Please let me know if you or someone you know are in these photos so I can give credit!

The maleficent is Vengful-happiness. These pictures are great!


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